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Tatiana Pushkareva

Tatiana was born in the town of Torez, Ukraine. In 1996 she moved to Russia. While in the secondary school, she started to take choreography classes and, for the first time in her life, she tried out her acting on the stage of the local Cultural Community Centre and fell in love with theatre and acting. In 2004 she and her family moved to Canada and Tatiana continued to develop her acting skills, gaining experience and performing in various theatre projects. At the same time, she showed great interest in Theatre Costume, it's design and creation. In April 2006, Tatiana was invited to work with Russian Youth Theatre and in 2012 with Russian New Theatre. From 2006, Tatiana starred in the projects directed by Nikolay Cherkasov, Valentina Suetova, Irina Grischenko and Genadijs Dolganovs. Her most notorious performances, as an actress, include: Valentina Andronovna in "Tomorrow There Was the War", Stella in "Wizard of the Emerald City", Natalia Gorich in "Wit Works Woe", Sister in "Cinderella", Grandmother in "The Snow Queen", Lidy in "All Mice Like Cheese", Mother Duck in "Gadkiy Utenok", Beladonna in "The Adventures of Funtik" and Marfusha in "Morozko". Combining her acting with passion for Costume design, Tatiana helped to dress fifteen theatrical shows. Also, in 2011, Tatiana graduated from York University with Bachelor Degree in Arts. 

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