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Script by: Dasha Besshaposhnikova

Directed by: Genadijs Dolganovs

Director's trainee: Maxim Besshaposhnikov, Maya Makhmud, Andrew Torgovtsev, Oleg Yurchenko

Two friends who love telling each other unbelievable stories save the day for another kid.


Written by: Dasha Bessshaposhnikova

Directed by:

Genadijs Dolganovs and Dasha Bessshaposhnikova

A group of campers encounters strange activities in the house and outside while staying overnight in a room by themselves...


Created by: Polina Valiakhmetova, Maxim Besshaposhnikov, Andrew Torgovtsev, Maya Makhmud, Oleg Yurchenko, Vicky Yurchenko, Anna Choulova

Sound of music lifts  musicians' spirit up.

One Day in Focus

PA Day Camp in Focus School

Short Funny Documentary about Film Set at Focus school.

The Wonder

Written and Directed by: Theodore Bondarenko, Nikita Semenov, Daniel Speziali,  Gianluca Speziali

A boy takes his younger brother outside on an adventure to see theWonder.

Song About a Little Fir Tree

Animated by: Theodore Bondarenko, Nikita Semenov, Daniel Speziali, Gianluca Speziali and Vicky Yurchenko

Song written and performed by: A.Pinegin

A popular Russian Song about celebrating Winter Holidays.

"Love Story"or "Funny Set 25

Created and performed by: Maxim Baraz, Maxim Besshaposhnikov, Anna Choulova, Veronica Landau, Katerina Monaco, Anna Veloumian, Viktoria Veloumian, Andrew Torgovtsev

Directed by: Genadijs Dolganovs

Light, Camera, Action...Cut.


Animated by: Anna Choulova, Eliana Sivan, Anna Veloumian, Viktoria Veloumian

Old Russian Folk tale with happy end.

The way to Life

Directed by: Oleg Yurchenko, Maya Makhmud, Vicky Yurchenko, Anna Choulova

Animation on the passage of time.

Three skeletons

Created by: Maya Makhmud

Three skeletons can't resist dancing.