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Script by: Dasha Besshaposhnikova

Directed by: Genadijs Dolganovs

Director's trainee: Maxim Besshaposhnikov, Maya Makhmud, Andrew Torgovtsev, Oleg Yurchenko

Two friends who love telling each other unbelievable stories save the day for another kid.


Written by: Dasha Bessshaposhnikova

Directed by:

Genadijs Dolganovs and Dasha Bessshaposhnikova

A group of campers encounters strange activities in the house and outside while staying overnight in a room by themselves...

Jazz Quartet

Created by: Polina Valiakhmetova, Maxim Besshaposhnikov, Andrew Torgovtsev, Maya Makhmud, Oleg Yurchenko, Vicky Yurchenko, Anna Choulova

Sound of music lifts  musicians' spirit up.

The Avenger

Long Short/Goofy/Action-Adventure

A Hero comes to rescue the family and to punish the evil mastermind

The Wonder

Written and Directed by: Theodore Bondarenko, Nikita Semenov, Daniel Speziali,  Gianluca Speziali

A boy takes his younger brother outside on an adventure to see the Wonder.

Song About a Little Fir Tree

Animated by: Theodore Bondarenko, Nikita Semenov, Daniel Speziali, Gianluca Speziali and Vicky Yurchenko

Song written and performed by: A.Pinegin

A popular Russian Song about celebrating Winter Holidays.

The School Treaty

Live-action feature film

A Young Sherlock Holmes Story


Animated by: Anna Choulova, Eliana Sivan, Anna Veloumian, Viktoria Veloumian

Old Russian Folk tale with happy end.

Little Boat

Animated by: Nikita Semenov, Daniel Speziali, Gianluca Speziali, Hubert Sulkowski

Animation on the passage of time.

The Best Day of My Life

Music Video

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