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Russian language and Literature

- Forming a strong interest to Russian language and Russian Culture

- Appreciation of the Cultural stereotypes of Russian people though Russian folklore, films and the best novels and stories

- Developing a vocabulary

- Ability to speak, understand, read and write in Russian

This program is designed to teach the students to speak, understand, read and write in Russian. It’s vital for Russian-speaking students as well for the students whom Russian language is a second language to have a good understanding of Russian language and Russian Culture. In order to achieve better results, classes in Russian Language and Literature are always being conducted in an interactive manner, using Russian folklore as well as theatrical presentations in the manner of the Home Theatre. While presenting a new topic in Literature to the students, the teacher directs her attention on ability of the students to summarize and explain the plot, to describe characters and their inner world, as well as to develop their vocabulary and to discuss the author's point of view on events, places and people, represented in the story. For better results, every new topics is supported with audio and video materials. Topics may include new authors, new stories, seasons, important calendar events, famous people, historical places etc. Classes in Russian language are designed with an idea to teach the learners to understand and speak the language as well as to read and write. Overall, the main goal and objective of the course in forming a strong interest towards Russian language and rich Russian Culture among the students in general. Beginners and Intermediate students are welcome!







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