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Olga Bushueva

A resident of Toronto, Ontario, Olga has graduated from two universities. The teaching degree was achieved in 2003 in eastern Europe, and the second degree,  Bachelor of Entertainment Industry management from the Kiev University of Arts and Culture was completed in 2007.  Olga has been performing on stage since the age of seven, beginning with a Gerda role in the Snow Queen. Currently, she works with several talent agencies in Toronto for film, television, theatre, and modeling. She has also had the privilege to pursue other passion in the arts which is directing, having directed performances with children/youth and for children/youth both in college and for the Sunday School, Toronto ON.  Her main focus working with children is primarily on drama plays and musicals, where dialogue and vocal presentation of the text is of great importance. "My goal as an educator is to enrich the students lives in the world of theatre. Teaching them something that will grow to become useful in their everyday lives."

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