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Rhythmic/Art Gymnastics

- Beginners

- Beginners-Intermed.

- Intermed.

- Advance

Teaching Artist 

For Beginners, usually 1-2 years are necessary for stretching, conditioning and learning basic hand apparatus technique (balls, hoops, skipping rope, balance beam).

For Beginners-Intermed - learn to use ribbon, ball, rope, hoop and scarves to perform in a group routine. Music, dance and gymnastics come together for fun and fitness with a splash of colour.

Intermed. - provides a physical activity program for children, that helps them to develop social skills, self-confidence, flexibility, strength, balance and coordination.

Advance - encourages children to develop a positive attitude to physical activity. Also, involves an enjoyable learning experience that includes music, dance, creative movement, individual and group routine.

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